Revitalizing Springfield's Downtown
Springfield on the Move (SOM) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to work with property owners, businesses, citizens, and town government to enhance Springfield's downtown as an attractive, desirable and economically viable destination for residents and visitors. Its members include local business owners, community leaders, Town of Springfield , Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce , Springfield Regional Development Corporation   and residents who want to help revitalize Springfield's downtown and the surrounding areas.
Springfield On The Move
96-A Main Street
Springfield, Vermont 05156

Phone Number: (802) 885-1527
[email protected]


Mary Perry

Jeff Taft-Dick

Sandy MacGillivray

Buddy Dexter

Past President
Tom Hernon

Bonny Andrews
John Bond
Ted Cody
Carol Eramo
Dan Gurney
Neomi Lauritsen
Diane Parker
Nicole Picard
Judith Soules
Alan Woodbury

Honorary Board Member
Barbara Sanderson

Appointed Member
Jason Rasmussen
 Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission

Ex-Officio Members
Caitlin Christiana, Executive Director
Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce

Bob Flint, Executive Director
Heather Hartford, Assistant Director
Springfield Regional Development Corporation

Walter Martone, Springfield Selectboard Member

Executive Director
Jessica Martin

Our Rich History

Charles Lindburg at Springfield Airport July 1927 on a nationwide tour promotion of air transport.

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