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Our Mission
Springfield on the Move (SOM) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to work with property owners, businesses, citizens and town government to enhance Springfield's downtown as an attractive, desirable and economically viable destination for residents and visitors. Its members include local business owners, community leaders, Town of Springfield , Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce , Springfield Regional Development Corporation and residents who want to help revitalize Springfield's downtown and the surrounding areas.
  1. Interested in possible retail store openings? Such as – antiques, re-purposed items, art, penny candy, art supplies, comic books, bookstore, upholstery, etc.
  2. Volunteers are how our mission gets carried out! Please consider joining as a member and/or becoming a volunteer.
  3. Consider becoming a member! We welcome your support!
  4. Become part of our downtown community!
  5. Think, Shop, Buy Local Keeping your dollars local makes good sense all the way around
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